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Under Secretaries, Political Assistants appointed

October 31, 2012
The Chief Executive's Office announced today the appointment of two Under Secretaries and five Political Assistants to the fourth-term Government.
Kevin Yeung has been appointed Under Secretary for Education, while Prof Sophia Chan has been made Under Secretary for Food & Health.
Carmen Cheung, Julian Law, Jeff Sze, Zandra Mok, and Cassius Lau have been appointed Political Assistants of the Chief Secretary, the Financial Secretary, the Secretary for Education, the Secretary for Labour & Welfare, and the Secretary for Security respectively.
Prof Chan and Miss Cheung will assume office tomorrow, while Mr Yeung, Mr Sze and Mr Lau will start on November 5. Ms Mok and Mr Law will begin on November 13 and November 26.
Click here for the officers' biographical notes.