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Triumphant times:  Rosanna Sze first competed as a Hong Kong representative at the Kowloon Park pool, and went on to break records there during the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games.


Strong strokes:  Rosanna Yu now holds 12 Hong Kong women’s swimming records, including for the short course 50m, 100m butterfly and freestyle stroke.


World-class facility:  Kowloon Park manager Camay Lee said staff will ensure the 3rd Hong Kong Games swimming events will be held up to the 2009 East Asian Games standard.

Park pool ready for 3rd HK Games

April 23, 2011
Rosanna Sze feels a rush of excitement each time she visits the Kowloon Park swimming pool. She first competed as a Hong Kong Swimming Team representative at this venue in 2001, and it was here that she and her teammates broke records and nabbed medals in the 2009 East Asian Games.
As an ambassador of the 3rd Hong Kong Games taking place in May and June, Sze urges people to come out and cheer for the athletes - especially those in the swimming events that will be held in the Kowloon Park pool on May 28 and 29. She took on a tour of the facility which holds so many memories for her.
Sze started swimming at the age of 9, taking to the pool like a fish to water. She now holds 12 Hong Kong swimming records.

Her favourite stroke is the butterfly, as she thinks the body movements - swimming on the breast, with both arms moving simultaneously - are attractive and photograph well. It is a difficult stroke, requiring good technique and strong shoulders. Sze’s long limbs and strong muscles give her a definite advantage.
She first represented Hong Kong at the Asian Age Group Swimming Championships in 2001, in Kowloon Park, and it was a moment of glory.
“I won the best swimmer of the group aged under 13 and broke the record for 50-meter butterfly, aged 13-14.”
She savours her memory of the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games, also.
“We got medals in all three women's relay events. We also broke the Hong Kong records during the competition,” she said, adding the key to winning was audience support.
“Many supporters were chanting and cheering for us. That made us swim faster!”
World-class facility

The Kowloon Park pool has the highest usage of any in Hong Kong, with about 2,000 swimmers each day. Ahead of the 2009 East Asian Games, it underwent improvement works to bring it up to international standards.
According to park manager Camay Lee, the boiler, ozone and filtration systems were replaced and a new spectator stand installed. It was also fitted out with a control room, and rooms for swimming officials, marshalling, doping control, medical care, equipment and the media.
Ms Lee said pool staff will ensure the upcoming Hong Kong Games events will be held up to the 2009 East Asian Games standard.
The Kowloon Park swimming pool has a surface area of three hectares. It has three outdoor leisure pools, a toddlers' pool and a sunbathing venue, a 50-meter main pool, a 25-meter training pool, a diving pool and another training pool in the basement. Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, seniors, the disabled and those with chronic disease have priority use of the basement pool, which has a hydraulic lift to help swimmers with difficulties into and out of the pool.
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