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Money meter:  Chief Labour Officer (Statutory Minimum Wage) Charles Hui unveils the Minimum Wage Reference Calculator.

Minimum wage calculator launched

May 25, 2011
The Labour Department has launched the Minimum Wage Reference Calculator webpage to help employers and employees ascertain whether wages are up to the statutory minimum level.
Chief Labour Officer (Statutory Minimum Wage) Charles Hui today said the tool offers a simple, direct and effective means for computing minimum wages for the more common work patterns. It requires only basic data input, such as the number of working days per week, wages, and rest days.
The programme then works out the amount of minimum wage and compares it with the wages payable to the employee. If the minimum-wage requirement is not met, the calculator will show the additional remuneration the employer needs to pay and set out the detailed calculations in a report for employers and employees.
To learn more about the calculation of statutory minimum wage, call the department’s 24-hour enquiry hotline, 2717 1771.

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